Are You Feeling The Overwhelming Emotions And Feelings Following The Death Of Your Pet?

Do You

  • Find it hard to deal with day-to-day responsibilities and almost impossible to complete simple tasks?
  • Stay away from your home to avoid the fact your pet is no longer there to greet you, sit by your side?
  • Feel lost and alone without the constant companionship of your friend?
  • Constantly think of the “should'a, would'a, could'a” with regard to life with your pet? What you did for your pet?
  • Grieve more, hurt more, than you have ever grieved or hurt after the lost of a human being?
  • Feel uncomfortable or even ashamed, because your grief is parallelizing and that others don't understand your emotions and may even be tired of listening to you?

When you're dealing with grief, it's not unusual to feel as though you may never get over this great loss in your life. While no one can make the hurt disappear, being with people who understand and want to share your story may make you feel less alone on the journey. Being able to say, out loud, how the loss is affecting you will help in many ways.

Sometimes people realize , in the midst of a loss, that they haven't completely dealt with past losses. Professional counseling and sharing feelings, memories and heartache can create a sense of peace for past as well as present losses.

Do you feel so bad about not having your pet AND then you feel bad that you're feeling so bad?

It's okay to feel whatever you are feeling. What's important is that you remember that you can heal from this loss. Actually, the way to start healing from this loss is to quit blaming yourself for whatever you're feeling.

Shouldn't I be able to, wouldn't it be best to, deal with my loss on my own?

Often we lengthen our grieving process thinking that it's necessary, or better to do it privately. Actually isolation can add another layer to the grieving process.

No one understands exactly or completely how you feel when dealing with the death of your pet. Having compassionate people hear, and honor, the history of life with your companion can be a healing salve and make the process easier, lighter, less lonely.

I have been privileged to work with individuals and families dealing with grief for over thirty years. In facilitating group experiences I can honestly say I see love overshadow grief, sharing memories comfort breaking hearts, and people come to deal with the loss of a loving, much loved pet.

Buttercup's Bereavement Support believes and practices that it is necessary and healthy on all levels to grieve following the loss of a beloved pet. I can help you deal with your broken heart, the deep sense of loss and the grieving process experienced when a beloved pet dies.

Isn't it better to just move on?

Moving on is easier said than done. Sometimes it can feel impossible. Moving on requires acknowledging how you feel about losing your pet. Then there is relief in allowing these feelings such that their hold on you lessens. As the pain lessens, there is space to remember the wonderful memories you made together. 

Can anyone else really help?

A Time to Remember is a very special opportunity allowing individuals dealing with the loss of a pet to meet with others traveling the same road. In a warm and compassionate atmosphere, people will share memories, laughs and joys of life with your pet. 

Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling is also available. The death or disappearance of a beloved pet affects the entire family and each individual deals with the loss in their own way. Parents may feel lost about how to help their children while dealing with their own emotions. People grieve differently. Individual, couples and family counseling will focus on the individual, the couple or the family at the loss of their missing family membertheir pet.

Hospice Support is also offered to bring compassion to you while you're providing
end-of-life care for your pet. Even though caring for your pet is what you want to do, it is a stressful and lonely time. Besides treatment decisions, human guardians often are considering a life and death decision for their faithful companions, a tough spot to be in. As a counselor who understands, I'll encourage and support you in connecting to the truth of your heart throughout this phase.