Peg’s Practice

How do I begin?

Only one thing is required: call 615-269-4080. The call is a free, simple connection for us to hear each other’s voice. You can speak about either the issues causing you to feel stalled or distressed, or that elusive goal that inspired you to look for alternative ways to achieve the life you long for. You can ask any questions you have. After we meet this way, you decide if you want to schedule an appointment.

What's next?

Practical information

During our first session, the focus usually is the crisis or issue at hand. You may want to tell the story of how you arrived at this point, including both how you understand the disruption to your life and what you want now. I will listen, tell you what I understand, and offer a way you can begin to change the story’s unfolding. We may agree to develop an ongoing relationship; if not, the initial consultation is free.

Often at the beginning of a coaching relationship, it is helpful to meet regularly, e.g. weekly. Sometimes, we may choose to wait to meet until after you have reflected on a session, had time to observe some specific aspect of yourself, and/or tried out some new behavior. As part of holistic healing, I may incorporate touch and gentle movement of Rubenfeld Synergy Method to reveal both hidden obstacles and also hidden strengths. Although meeting in person is optimal, distance or limited mobility may make videoconferencing another option. 

My intention is to create experiences with you that assist your transformation from the way you currently see yourself into your authentic self. Healing and clarity are more accessible when we work outdoors, sitting and walking on Mother Earth and acknowledging we are all related (In Lakota: Mitakuye oyasin). Therefore, I offer individual and group work in natural environments. Working intensely one-on-one or with a group for several days provides a platform for a greater depth of experience and transformation. 

Practical information

Typically, individual sessions are 50 minutes. A double session is 1 2/3 hours. The pet bereavement support group is 1½ hour. A ½ day intensive is 3 hours; a full day intensive is 6 hours. Other than workshops, office hours are Monday through Friday.

Payment for individual sessions is due at the time of service by cash, check or credit card. Payment for group sessions and workshops are due in advance. I ask that you give me 24 hours notice by phone if you must cancel an appointment; otherwise, you will be invoiced. If I fail to cancel 24 hours in advance, your next session is complimentary.