Do you feel that your “healthcare” is fragmented?

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  • Are doctors and nurses relating to your illness rather than you?
  • Are you overwhelmed by how to manage daily life?
  • Are you frustrated that nobody understands that your whole life has been turned upside down?
  • Do you want someone to recognize that you can’t do everything?

Chronic illness comes with variable, but persistent, symptoms. It zaps your energy. One day you feel like doing something or seeing someone; the next day you don’t. You have appointments with many medical professionals, but they don’t always talk to each other.  You are overwhelmed by the information and its implications for your life.  On top of that, no one is asking about the overall impact on you. You are questioning, “Who am I now?”

Coordinating life is a challenge even when we are well.

We live in an age of information overload with increasing specialization. Our health care providers are inundated with paperwork so they spend less time with us. In turn, they confer with each other less.

The great strides in treating life-threatening diseases have resulted in an increasing number of chronic conditions that all of us are experiencing. We look to our primary doctors for coordination, but they can’t keep up with all the repercussions. In addition, physical issues typically are relegated to medical personnel; treatment for depression is outsourced to a psychotherapist; and spiritual healing is left to a person’s minister. As a holistic health counselor, I understand how all these are stirring around inside a scared you. I take a holistic health approach, which enables you to connect the dots and to discover how holistic treatment makes a difference.

Understanding your Whole Self Leads to Holistic Healing.

There is more to you than your current illness or depression. You have met other challenges in your life and found your way past them. It’s your own healing power that must be activated and strengthened now. You have strengths and potential which you may have forgotten or never tapped. As a holistic health counselor, I uncover these with you.

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In holistic therapy, I want to know what you are experiencing physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I listen, offer you a different perspective and ask you to reflect. Stepping back to see the relationship of these aspects, you can discover their complimentary nature. Often I give assignments so that self-awareness isn’t confined to our time together. Awareness has to be applied in your everyday world to create a truly harmonious life.

I offer workshops and other extended work together so that there is an opportunity to go deeper into holistic therapy treatments.  I work with some people on retainer, to be available to them more regularly as they are creating change and don’t want to get stuck along the way.

My entire career has been oriented toward a holistic view, both looking within the person and at their circumstances. I began working on interdisciplinary teams and accelerated my holistic counseling approach with Rubenfeld Synergy training twenty years ago. It is a powerful method of using touch and gentle movement to unearth blocks as well as healing power. Additionally, my spiritual tradition, the Toltec tradition, teaches maintenance of balanced awareness in order to be whole and healthy.

I found treatment fragmented when I was living with cancer. The focus on the disease and treatment ignored the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges that accompanied the disease. As a holistic health coach, I look them in the face with you.

Our natural way of being is moving toward wholeness in life. Specialization doesn’t have to result in fragmentation. With holistic treatment, I see the big picture and hold space for your healing into wholeness. This assists you in creating a more loving and satisfying life.

Are you hesitant to see a holistic health coach?

Maybe you’re seeing so many health care providers, you’re questioning where there will be time, money and energy for one more.

It’s easy to understand how you could feel this way. With so much going on, you want to conserve your time, money and energy. A holistic health approach results in less energy going into fretting and more into action. You can see how the pieces fit together rather than competing with each other. As a holistic health coach, I know that doing too much can be as detrimental as doing too little. Using holistic treatment modal, my clients see the entire picture so it is easier to set priorities for what to do and when. 

You may be concerned about compatibility of holistic therapy treatment with what you are already doing.

Whatever is working for you, you want to keep doing. It’s just that sometimes, the various care providers ask more than you can do at the same time. You create holistic healing when you allow yourself options and choose the most loving ones, which only you can know. Ultimately, you are the authority for all your resources. It’s your life and your decisions.

What have others experienced?

A client returned to therapy after several months’ hiatus for open-heart surgery and rehabilitation. His statement to me was that everybody said that he was okay, but he wasn’t. His point was that doctors, family and friends were commenting on his physical recovery. His whole world had been shaken by this sudden diagnosis and major surgery. He hadn’t integrated that part of his experience yet, and it was weighing heavily on him. We sorted through that together.

You can create a holistic healing experience for yourself.

I offer holistic counseling to enable you to reclaim the pieces of yourself and your wholeness as a human being. All you have to do is call (615) 269-4080. I typically return phone calls the same business day and am happy to answer questions or schedule a time to meet in person or via videoconference if appropriate.  

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  • Talking with someone who understands the illness, and being able to express my anxiety, frustration, and resentments helped me a great deal.”
    — R.D., Benton, KY
  • I wanted to express my gratitude for all that you were able to provide over the past several years. I don’t think words can accurately express how valuable it was for me to have a space & a relationship where there were no expectations, where I could truly arrive and share all that I was feeling in the moment, regardless of how difficult or painful those moments may have been.”
    — C.H., Nashville, TN
  • Thank you so much for walking with me on this Journey of discovery.
    — K.G., Brentwood, TN
  • I appreciate all the time you have spent with me, helping me to become the woman I am today. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights into life and guiding me through some tough times in my life. …there have been some wonderful women who have walked this journey with me and you are one of them.”
    — M., Nashville, TN
  • My biggest concern was that the intensity of my emotion, sadness, and grief was abnormal and I would have to justify it. When I visited with Peg, I knew that there was no need to worry about that because there was a warmth, understanding and compassion….I understood better that my grieving was a process, and my sadness would get better eventually.
    — C.S., Nashville, TN
  • I would highly recommend Peg and her pet bereavement sessions, to anyone who has, and is, suffering the utter devastation of losing a pet.
    — J.S., Bowling Green, KY

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