+ Is therapy right for me?

Therapy, as self-exploration and increase of self-awareness, can be valuable for anyone. When you're feeling stuck in some way or in times of major transitions, an unbiased sounding board is invaluable. Often the origins of your pain are hidden, so their discovery is what frees you to create a healed life today.

+ How often would I come?

I typically ask to see people on a weekly basis initially. This allows the momentum to carry you forward. However, it is important that we discuss how often as part of our relationship and tailor it to fit what is happening at any given time.

+ Who do you work with?

I work with adults including elders. I see individuals, couples, and families including families with children. I have particular experience and expertise in assisting people at times of major transitions. This may be going off to college, children leaving home, the marriage in crisis, major illness, caring for an aging parent, tending a dying pet, or following the death of a beloved pet.

+ What can I expect in the session?

This is a time for you to speak about what's going on in your life. It's a time for me to listen. People often say that they are looking for answers; I say my job is to ask good questions. How we see the world is composed of the beliefs we have created from earlier experiences. I offer a different perspective, which opens up new possibilities. Experience is a better teacher than information, so I often create experiences to promote new awareness.

I've been trained in Rubenfeld Synergy Method, which is the body-oriented approach to accessing the unconscious and its resources. Using this method, I sometimes have clients sit in a chair or lie clothed on a massage table while I use touch and gentle movement to foster their introspection.

It is common for me to give clients assignments to assist in their increasing self-awareness between sessions. Our time together is brief. Reflecting and applying something different in everyday life is transformative.

+ How much does it cost?

My fee is $120 per 45 min. session. The initial evaluation is 60 to 75 minutes for $150.

+ Do you take insurance?

My clients pay me directly. I am not on any of the panels for the insurance companies. This allows us to determine approach, frequency, and length of treatment according to your circumstances rather than an imposed criterion. Your treatment may be eligible for “out of network benefits”. Calling the number listed on your insurance card to inquire about “outpatient mental health visits with an out-of- network provider” will let you know your eligibility.

+ Can I email between sessions?

Communication is much more than content so corresponding by email is rarely appropriate. It also is an unsecured medium. Making simple schedule changes in advance can be done by email.