Growth is Life

Today, I’ve been in the yard that didn’t get much attention last year while I was rehabilitating from shoulder surgery. It’s not the first time that I have neglected my surroundings as I tended to my body. What was so clear and in my face, literally as well as metaphorically, is what grows when I am not at attention. 


Sure it was obvious that the vines were creeping more and more toward the trees and bushes that have grown here for years. Actually, I’ve been pulling vines for the entire time that I have lived on this land. It’s how thick and embedded the roots have grown while my attention was elsewhere. It showed me how easily something grows and sets down deep roots while I’m denying its pace. It is so easy to call something superficial or transitory day to day, like only noticing the vines on the surface. With enough distraction from me, and not actually looking below the surface, the transitory is securing its footing. Now that I am looking below the surface, wow! More energy is required to uproot it than if I had removed it when it didn’t have such a stronghold.


Today I intend to notice and to eliminate immediately what interferes with the growth I actually want.